About Us: Company

The company Müholos has a long history. It was found in 1909 from Reinhold Müller and Otto Hoffmann under the name Müller & Hoffmann in Leipzig.
In the beginings we manufactured coiffeur large drying oven, their so-called power packs were so huge, so they must be installed in the cellar. Over the decades, the technical further development of the plants allows to minimize the dimensions and Müholos has gained a reputation as a manufacturer of dryer hoods and electrical beatuy equipment. 1924 also Müholos hair-clippers are available in first time on the market which already captivated with smoothness run, high reliability and long service life.
1954 the headquarters moves to Niefern on the edge of the Black Forest where today the is the administration and production of Müholos. A new name was also found. The two men Müller and Hoffmann gaves two letters each to the new company name and for a better sound the syllable "los" round the new trade name.
The absolutely purposed association with "mühelos" will be also found in our company philosophy. Müholos-products are a synonym for reliability and quality in Germany and abroad. New developments in beatuy and wellness sector are the products InfraSpider and the InfraBiene. The InfraSpider is a multifunctional infrared wave unit which can be used in beatuy salons, in the physiotherapy and exercise therapy. The InfraBiene allows a completely new concepts on the hair treatment and -cosmetics.
By the beauty sector the swivel arm technology has established over 30 years ago as an independent business unit and the swivel arms are able to meet the fields of application in the medical- and industrial engineering. Within a short time the swivel arms has evolved to a main focus of the company.
Because of our long-decades experience and constant further developments we can offer the customers a suitable and wide variety of products of swivel arms. So a solution for moving and positioning jobs is available which features a maximum safety, reliability and usability. A significant element of our work is primarily to elaborate our solution in close relationship with the customer for developing and implement ing individual complete solutions.