Modelseries OVAL VERTICAL Type 880

Modelseries OVAL VERTICAL Type 880

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Modelseries OVAL VERTICAL Type 880  - Detailview
Modelseries OVAL VERTICAL Type 880  - Engineering detail drawing

The swivel arms of the Model series type 880 are suitable for moving of lights, screen systems, monitoring- and therapy equipment. It depends on purpose, for example you can implement it in different versions like as wall- and ceiling system or as mobil stand solution. Characteristics in key data:

Max loading capacity on spring arm: 30 kg

Equipment with pressure spring technology for a maximum size on movement guarantees and security. The spring force can be configured inside the force up.

Precise parallel guide warranted the constant orientation of a device in total slewing range (deviation max. 2� from the vertical).

Swing angle � 43� (working stroke � 545 mm). Swing angle in upper section infinitely adjustable betrween 0� to 43� (height stop).

Horizontal smooth run is adjustable.

Internal duct system of 3 cables are possible (1x 10 mm, 1x 9 mm, 1x 8 mm).

Can be equipped with 3-pole sliding-action contacts and mains supply with free-rotatable joints is possible.

Electrical and mechanical connection in medical standards version.

Rotation angles can be individual effected by limited stops.

Optional: Brake for the regulation of the smooth run by swivel range. Locking with 3 unlocking forces in swivel range for greater security by installation and device replacement.